FLEMMING DALUM – Commander Of The Beat


EMILE STRUNZ – Deception (Kid Machines Revenge Reprise) (Flight Recorder)
RUDE 66 – I Am God (FD italo vocoder edit)
PANORAMA – Love In War (American Disco)
EDITALIA – Heat X-change (Unreleased)
BARBIE – Barabba (FD commander edit)
FUTURE STATE – Future State (FD 105 BPM vocoder edit)
EMILE STRUNZ – Sin City (Porn Wax)
PETER RICHARD – Walking In The Neon (FD 105 BPM vocoder edit)
ALESSANDRO FORTE – I Love You Forever (Kid Machine remix) (INTERSTELLAR TRACKS)
BOB SALTON – Stark Night (FD 105 BPM slow-mo edit)
IORI’S EYES – In Love With Your Worst Side (Italoconnection remix)
THE BONFETTI’S – The Sound Of Me (Unreleased Bijou Productions)
EMILE STRUNZ – All Strength No Joy (Unreleased)
SQUADRA BLANCO – Night Of The Illuminati (FD vocoder edit)
CORRUPTION HOUSE – Jump (FD ultra new beat edit) (Espera)
UNTITLED – The Battle (Upcoming Flashback release)
EMILE STRUNZ – Merck 274350 (Unreleased)
SOUNDS OF B – Bocca Nights (Unreleased Bijou productions)
CATS GANG – Infinita – Remix Tuned (Unreleased)
DIRTY HARRY – D’Bop (Subway)
PUBLIC RELATIONS – New Beat Mind (R & S Records)
STEVE DAVIL – Shake Me Up (Eyes)
ITALOCONNECTION – My Rhythm (Disco Modernism)
EMILE STRUNZ – Where There Is Power There Is Resistance (Unreleased)
FOCKEWULF 190 – Body Heat (Market Records)
ROB DE LARGE & DR. BREAD – Isar (Kid Machine remix) (Unreleased)
TONT – Roheline Järv (Future Brain Remix) (Technoir)
STARION – Night Flanger (Upcoming Red Laser Records)
FUTURE BRAIN – The Labyrinth (Technoir)
PUBLIC RELATIONS –Vava (FD half speed new beat edit)
ITALOVE – Follow Me To Mexico (Flashback Ri-Mix) (upcoming Flashback release on Rebirth Records)
EMILE STRUNZ – You (Unreleased)
DYVA – Forever Love (Upcoming Flashback release)
IL BOSCO – Unstable Anthem (edit) (Upcoming Red Laser Records)
STEVEN PERRI – Your Dark Eyes feat. FRED VENTURA (Italoconnection remix) (Special Groove Records)
GIORGIO MAROTTI – Higher (Click)
EMILE STRUNZ – Magnetic (Forthcoming on Rothmans)
SIR J & JOEY MAURO – Sunny (Vocomental Rmx) (Upcoming Flashback release)
EMILE STRUNZ – Shields Penetration Dub (Unreleased)
FOCKEWULF 190 – Gitano (F1 TEAM)
EMILE STRUNZ – Rheum (Rothmans)
KEN MARTAL – I Can’t Leave You (Carrere)
INFINITY NIGHT – Imagination Pt. 1 (Radio Cosmos)
EMILE STRUNZ – Arrowhead
PH GROOVE – Arcade Feel (Tonite Records)